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China closes Mt Everest, Cho-Oyu, Shishapangma from climbing this autumn
Published: June 08, 2017 7:00 pm On: Nepal


On May 21, climbers seen on top of Mt Everest with Tibetan flag and photo of Dalai Lama. Photo: Kalachakra by His Holiness the Dalai Lama/Facebook


KATHMANDU: The Chinese government has officially closed Mt Everest and other mountains from climbing in the upcoming autumn season from Tibetan side saying that the mountaineering sector witnessed a series of problems including an illegal north-south traverse by a polish climber on the roof of the world last month.
Issuing a circular today, China Tibet Mountaineering Association announced that Chinese authorities would not issue any climbing permits in the autumn climbing season. The circular stated that Janusz Adam Adamski, a Polish climber, who illegally scaled Mt Everest from the Tibetan side and traversed towards Nepal from the summit. “His action causes the industry related internal rules and regulations need to be adjusted and improved,” it adds.

Though the circular doesn’t mention anything about placing the Tibetan flag as well as photos of spiritual leader Dalai Lama on top of the Mt Everest summit in the spring climbing season, officials at the Department of Tourism confirmed that Chinese authorities had already expressed serious concerns over such ‘malicious’ activities on Mt Everest aiming to harm the bilateral relations between two countries.


Some climbers have also posted on their Facebook pages that they stood atop Mt Everest with photos of Dalai Lama and free Tibet flags, that China takes possessing such Tibetan flags as an illegal act in Tibet, according to a DoT official.

“In order to solve a series of problems in time, and provide a good condition to all of the expeditions in 2018, with the approval of the Sports Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region of China and China Mountaineering Association, the climbing permits will not be granted in autumn 2017,” the CTMA notice added.


Πηγή: https://thehimalayantimes.com/nepal/china-closes-mt-everest-cho-oyu-shishapangma-climbing-autumn/

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