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SKI WORLD CUP 2023-2024

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Βγήκε ήδη το πρόγραμμα για την επόμενη σεζόν:




Μπορεί να είναι εικόνα κείμενο

Ετοιμαστείτε. Κάθε μέρα που περνάει είμαστε και μια μέρα πιο κοντά!

Ξαναέβαλαν νωρίς αγωνίσματα.... πέρσι ακυρώθηκαν όλα. Για να δούμε φέτος.

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Φιλόδοξο πρόγραμμα, ελπίζω ο καιρός να βοηθήσει και να μην επαναληφθούν οι ακυρώσεις που είχαμε φέτος. 

Κάπου διάβασα ότι υπάρχουν σκέψεις όλο το το καλεντάρι αγώνων να μετατοπιστεί προς τα πίσω χρονικά, λόγω των καιρικών μεταβολών που βιώνουμε.  

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Cancellation of the two downhills on 2 and 3 February -Slalom maintained on 4 February

To date, the schedule for preparing the piste in terms of snow cover and safety has been respected.

In the face of the rain and extreme heat of the last 7 days, all the snow stocks have been mobilised to keep the piste and facilities in working order.
Unfortunately, the abnormally higher than forecast temperatures and the even more extreme weather forecast for next week mean that we have no further capacity to offer a safe speedway.
to offer a safe speed run.

The safety of downhillers is the absolute priority of the sporting bodies (FIS, FFS, organisers). Under no circumstances can the slightest risk be taken; the physical integrity of the skiers is at stake.
This is why the organisers, in agreement with the FIS and the FFS, are obliged to cancel the two runs on the competition programme.

The Organising Committee would like to extend its warmest thanks to all the teams who worked on preparing the runs, producing a high quality of work despite the extreme conditions.

The slalom on Sunday 4 February 2024 is still on!

The Kandahar, the great popular ski festival on the Verte des Houches, will still take place.


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Practice makes perfect

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