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  1. apologize for my late response. i ll sent you the info via pm to avoid commercials. here at least the link of the pistes: http://www.ski-planet.com/photo/valcenis/pistes.jpg
  2. Hello, as unfortunately I will be not able to attend the SC ski trip, I'm searching for an alternative.... well and there I bumped into a great offer for Val Cenis Vaniose (starting from 249, for 6 days ski pass and 7 nights !!!). Has anybody skied there already, give comments about travel etc.? Price sounds honestly, too good to be true Thanks !!!! P.S. Dear administrator please feel free to move this topic to the english section....I posted it here based to the topic
  3. I'm in for that and can't agree more with Jupi "In the end of the day there are not many places in the world where you can ski during the day and then have a dinner by the sea with just a light jumper on!"
  4. God morgon Mr. Lappa. Nästa gång tar vi er med oss till Sverige, Barbie och jag Then you will see that they re so funny, open and kind (man and woman) even when they re drunken ..... or how about to plan a ski trip there? http://www.visitsweden.com/sweden/Attractions/Outdoor-activities/Skiing-in-Sweden/Skiing/
  5. well I'm looking forward to an english section in this forum they re quite a lot people that speak greek but aren't comfortable in writing or even people from abroad that would like to have some info about skiing in greece. -> see the 3 swedish in vassilitsa ....what reminds me, why I was not there on that weekend to rescue them?
  6. or you could dive/swim with sperm whales in the Ionian Sea!!! It's one in a lifetime experience !!!
  7. Well well well, it was about time that somebody else has the same "issue" I have with the greek spelling !!! Hello and welcome Jupi. Btw I want a welcome too, I think it's my second post after being a member for 3 years
  8. For those who have met me in person know that on the one hand "Ain't no mountain high enough" for me , while on the other the "Deep Blue" is a part of my life . I would like to share with you, the link for the TV documentary NAUTILUS and announce that they re being played every saturday at 11 o'clock on SKAI channel. My wish is that this documentary will give you an inside of what treasures the Hellenic Sea is hosting and that you will enjoy & love it, as much as we scientists did / do / will do !!!! http://www.explorenautilus.com/index.php/s...boutus/nautilus
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