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Built with speed and stability in mind, the 2020 Fischer RC One 82 GT has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. As a new model for this upcoming winter, the RC One 82 has the same build and profile as its bigger brother the 86, but with a narrower shape. Constructed with a wood core and two metal laminates, these things are ready to rip, but with a few concessions in terms of overall stiffness. By removing some metal from the tips and tails over the edges, Fischer’s Turn Zone technology allows the ski to be easier to get into and out of turns while not disrupting the underfoot energy and edge grip that makes these skis so devastating on corduroy. Advanced and expert skiers will glean the best performance out of this system, but it’s accessible for intermediates as well, thanks to the quick-turning nature of the 82 mm waist. The 173 cm length has a 16-meter turn radius, and this is on the short side for GS style turns, but if you’re ready and balanced, you’ll certainly get the most out of the carve. Our testers gave consistently high scores for stability, as these skis are rock-solid on any type of firm or groomed terrain.


Michael Rooney skied the 180 and found it to be the right length for him and his style. He gave high scores of 4 out of 5 for stability, torsional stiffness, edge hold, and overall impression. His low score of 2 out of 5 for playfulness is not terribly surprising, given that these skis are very business-like in their approach to carving up the front side of the mountain. “The 180 cm ski is good for an advanced skier that can handle the length and wants the stability at speed. There is enough beef in the core to hold up to whatever you need it to do, but no so much as to demand you use it.” So it’s all there, but it doesn’t have to be all the time, which is a very nice quality in a front-side carver.




Mike Aidala also skied the 180 and gave top marks for stability, torsional stiffness, and edge hold. These are pretty consistent scores in terms of what Fischer is looking for, so it sounds like Mike is on the right track with his reviews. He calls the 82 GT an “awesome front-side charging ski. If you are an ex-racer, this ski provides the super-charged groomer performance.” With high scores for quickness, maneuverability, and overall impression, it’s easy to see where Mike gets his inspiration from.


Also noting the difference between the 82 and some other more race-inspired skis, David Wolfgang has some good analysis. His scores ranged between the 3 and 4 marks, with quickness and edge hold being notable 4’s. In terms of that more citizen-oriented personality, David notes that “some skis want to be driven while others want to be rolled. This one is a roller. Just lay it on edge and let the tip do the work.” David’s a tall guy, but he “skied it in a 180 which I found to be stable at high speeds but nimble when you asked it to turn.”


Troy Dehm had some quick notes on his 180 cm test length: “Very responsive with a ton of pop. You can make super-nimble turns and hammer out long GS carves.” In terms of the ski’s versatility, Troy wasn’t so sure. “I wouldn’t take it in the woods. Groomers and hard-pack all day! Excellent edge hold even on ice. Best in Class carving ski.”


The 2020 Fischer RC One 82 GT has a lot going for it in terms of an overall front-side ski. Our testers loved the build and the shape, and had tons of good things to say about the easy carving nature of the ski. For advanced skiers looking for that carver with good snap, the 82 GT is an excellent ski


Πηγή: https://www.skiessentials.com/2020-ski-test/skis/2020-fischer-rc-one-82-gt/


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