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Κορνίζες Χιονιού (Cornices)

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Feb 18, 2015 By: Ryan Dunfee


A photo of the Aussie Drop, where James Garner fell off a 250-foot cliff this past weekend. Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center photo.


According to both the Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center and the Jackson Hole News & Guide, a 28 year-old Australian skier, James Garner, fell off a 250 foot cliff when the cornice he was standing on on the backside of Grand Targhee ski area collapsed, sending him hurtling down 800-1,000 feet while the failed cornice triggered multiple slab avalanches as it descended.


According to Bridger-Teton's records,
A skier removed his skis and walked into closed area and onto an unsupported cornice which failed. He fell 800 to 1,000 feet through cliffs including a 250 foot free fall and sustained injury. The cornice debris triggered some small slab avalanches along the way in the cliffs.


The more extensive report by the JH News & Guide revealed that Garner had snuck under a boundary rope at Targhee near the Blackfoot chairlift to take a photo of the Tetons when the cornice he was unwittingly standing on broke underneath him, triggering a two-foot deep slab avalanche on a 45-degree slope that carried Garner over multiple cliff bands on a slide path ironically known as the Aussie Drop, including a final 250-foot drop onto the apron below. Somehow (in the name of all that is reasonable and possible), Garner survived the mind-boggling tumble unscathed, and was responsive verbally to ski patrol as they communicated with him from above.

See also: This is Why You Stay the HELL Away From Cornices!!


Garner, who will need to start a new Gates Foundation in order to climb out of the enormous debt of karma he now owes the world, reportedly refused a helicopter evacuation, and was transported by ambulance to Teton Valley Hospital. The Sheriff's office reported no visible injuries, and issued Garner with a 87.94€ citation for "trespassing in a closed or unsafe area.'



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Mar 28, 2018 By: Robert Pursell Follow 0 0
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Bryce_Newcomb.JPGThe thoughts of all us here at Teton Gravity Research are with Bryce Newcomb following his accident in the backcountry yesterday. Get better, Bryce. Atomic photo.

Tuesday morning, a cornice collapsed on Cody Peak in the backcountry outside Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, carrying a skier standing atop the cornice some 1,000 feet down the backcountry slope before he stopped. After some amount of uncertainty, a report from the Jackson Hole News and Guide confirmed our worst fears: The skier involved in the collapse was Atomic ambassador and Jackson local Bryce Newcomb, and he is currently listed in critical condition at the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.

Per the Idaho Statesman, the 30-year-old skier fell some time around 11 a.m. Tuesday morning while preparing to ski the popular Cody Bowl backcountry face. The News and Guide reports that Grand Teton National Park rangers and Teton County Search and Rescue volunteers who were training at nearby Munger Mountain dropped what they were doing and immediately rushed to the scene of the accident.

Newcomb is an adopted Jackson, Wyoming local, having moved to the area from Sun Valley, Idaho a few years ago. He is a supremely talented skierand well-versed in the area.

“He’s a very good skier,” Jackson Hole resort spokesperson Anna Cole told the News and Guide. “He’s very well known in our community.”

News of Newcomb's mishap has spread across social media, where pros like Connery Lundin sent condolences to Newcomb.

"Sending our great friend Bryce Newcomb nothing but positivity," Lundin captioned the above post. "He took a terrible tumble in the backcountry today and hit his head. He’s resilient as hell and in great hands at the hospital. We love you Bryce, hang in there big guy."

Of yet, there has been no update on Newcomb's injuries. We here at TGR want to extend our thoughts, and prayers to Newcomb, his family, and his friends, and hope for a speedy and full recovery. Stay strong, Bryce.




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Χωρίς λόγια ...

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Ειδες φαεθωνα.

Ο πολιτισμενος κοσμος λεει...κορνιζες, οχι φρυδια.


(Απο τον καιρο που οι δεσποινιδες μαθαιναν πιανο και...γαλλικα)

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<p>τα χιόνια έμειναν άλ(ε)ιωτα.....

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Ειδες φαεθωνα.

Ο πολιτισμενος κοσμος λεει...κορνιζες, οχι φρυδια.


(Απο τον καιρο που οι δεσποινιδες μαθαιναν πιανο και...γαλλικα)

Καλά πέστο be careful the supercilium.......



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