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Ενδιαφέροντα / ακραία καιρικά φαινόμενα

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Brazil's Sao Paulo turned white by freak hailstorm




Children came out to play with the ice


An unusually heavy hailstorm in Brazil's largest city, Sao Paulo, has brought residents out onto to the streets to play with the ice it left behind.


For many of them, it was the first time the had seen huge ice balls littering the streets of the subtropical city.

The hail left many roads flooded or coated in white.


The ice lingered until Monday morning in many gardens in the Aclimacao neighbourhood.


The Center for Emergency Management said on Monday that the storm had dumped 10 cm of moisture on the city.

The news is welcome as Sao Paulo had been enduring a long, dry spell.



Adults and children enjoyed playing in the ice



With the city lacking snowploughs, bulldozers had to take on the job of clearing the streets


In April, the city's main reservoir fell to its lowest level on record.


Sao Paulo has seen plenty of hail in thunderstorms, but the thick layer of ice which accumulated on this occasion was unusual.

Snow has not been seen in Sao Paulo since at least the 1970s, and some sources say not since 1918.



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Double Tornadoes Aren't Particularly Rare, But Yesterday's Was Remarkable


Double, triple, quad and quintuple tornadoes are more common than you'd think




By Colin Schultz


JUNE 17, 2014 11:08AM


In Pilger, Neb., yesterday two people died, 16 were injured, and the bulk of the town's houses were destroyed when a terrifying double tornado tore through. In the stunning video above,

, you can see the twin twisters in action.


Double tornadoes are not something you hear about often, but that doesn't mean they're all that rare. While small singular tornadoes are the most common type of twister, multi-vortex tornadoes occur regularly, too. Double tornadoes are not unusual, and even triple, quad or quintuple tornadoes have been seen, says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


“Typically, the larger, more damaging tornadoes are multiple vortex tornadoes, and that means they are not rare occurrences,” says the News and Observer. According to NOAA, the reason we don't see double tornadoes often is because most of the time they're hard to see—the separate twisters are often obscured by dust and debris.


There were a couple of things that made yesterday's Pilger tornadoes stand out, though. For one, says Reuters, both tornadoes touched down simultaneously, where normally one would precede the other. Then, says Andrew Freedman for Mashable, there's the fact that both tornadoes were spinning in the same direction, “[m]aking this even more unusual, from a scientific standpoint.” The Washington Post adds another wrinkle: both tornadoes were quite strong, where usually one is much weaker than the other.

Jeff Masters explains, at Weather Underground:



While it is common for large, violent tornadoes to form multiple funnels that rotate around each other, Monday night's Pilger, Nebraska twin tornadoes were not one of these standard "multi-vortex" entities. The Pilger tornadoes were separated by 2 - 3 miles, and were both spawned by the same isolated supercell thunderstorm. A rotating supercell thunderstorm typically has just one center of rotation and spawns only one tornado, but Monday's storm was so massive that it was able to form two centers of rotation that each spawned large and destructive tornadoes.


Here, for instance, is a multi-vortex tornado with six or seven vortices:



Photo:NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory


It's powerful, yes, but nowhere near as jaw-dropping as yesterday's twin twisters.



Πηγή: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/double-tornadoes-terrifying-not-actually-rare-180951764/?utm_source=facebook.com&no-ist


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Ευτυχως περασε λιγο πιο βορεια απο μας! Δεν ειναι μονο τα αυτοκινητα (το παρμπριζ ειναι το λιγοτερο, αποκτας βουλες σε ολο το αμαξωμα και το αυτοκινητο γινεται σαν μπαλακι του γκολφ).


Το επομενο (ακριβο) προβλημα ειναι οι στεγες. Ειναι καλυμμενες με συνθετικα φυλλα (σαν κεραμιδι) τα οποια τραυματιζονται απο το χαλαζι και θελει αλλαγμα η σκεπη (τα φυλλα δηλαδη). Το κοστος κυμαινεται απο μερικα χιλιαρικα (ας πουμε 5κ) μεχρι πολλα (ας πουμε 25κ). Συνηθως οι ασφαλειες του σπιτιου το καλυπτουν (οποτε ευχεσαι να σου συμβει μια φορα στα 15 χρονια), αλλα οχι ολες (οποτε το πληρωνεις απο την τσεπη σου...


Το 2000 ειχα παει σε μια συναντηση με καποια εταιρεια. Στο ισογειο ηταν η αντιπροσωπεια της Porsche αμεσως μετα απο τετοια χαλαζοπτωση. Ειδοποιησαν ολο το κτιριο οτι θα εβγαζαν συντομα επισκευασμενες Πορσε σε εξευτελιστικες τιμες.

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Ασχετο ή λιγο ασχετο ..Αραγε θα μπορουσε καποιος να προστατεψει το αυτοκινητο του περαν της ασφαλειας και σε περιοδους που ευνοειται η χαλαζοπτωση με καποιο τροπο ? Μια τεντα διπλη σε σχημα ψαθας καλοκαιρινης που ενδιαμεσα θα ειχε ενα φυλλο απο αφρωδες υλικο σαν αυτο που μονωνουν σωληνες μηπως ελυνε το προβλημα? θα μου πειτε αμα τυλιχθει κατι τετοιο πιανει πολυ ογκο ,αλλα σε ενα μεγαλο πορτ μπαγκαζ μαλλον θα χωρουσε..ή αν θελετε να εχει υλικο μονο για να προστατευτει η λαμαρινα και οχι τα κρυσταλλα .

Κράτιστον κτημάτων ευβουλία.


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Ένα από τα πιο σπάνια φαινόμενα:



What the resident in Greenwood, Indiana was witnessing was a crown flash, a rare event where sunlight shines on ice crystals guided by electric fields during a thunderstorm. This occurrence is usually not seen by the naked eye. Because the sun was still out when it happened, the video the bicyclist captured is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event.


Αναδημοσιευμένο από εδώ: http://www.snowaddiction.org/2015/06/this-biker-had-to-pull-over-and-start-filming-his-footage-is-creating-a-lot-of-controversy.html

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Κύματα εως 35m σε καταιγίδα στη Βόρεια Θάλασσα

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